Canadian Ginseng; Grown In Ontario; Sold Around The World

Ginseng's Many Health Benefits

The First Nations and Chinese Cultures have long revered Ginseng as the miracle "Man Root" because the root is shaped like a man and is believed to be beneficial for every part of the human body.

Canadian Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) plays an important role in both the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes. Studies focused on patients with Type 2 Diabetes indicate reductions in Long Term Blood Glucose Control.

Canadian Ginseng Enhances the Immune System, helping to fight off Infection and Disease. It is recognized as an Antioxidant, helps improve both Working Memory and Reaction Time, and is recognized as an Energy Booster. It is also believed to help manage Erectile Dysfunction in men. Ginseng improves Mood and Reduces Stress, has Anti-Inflammatory Properties and helps with Weight Loss, Lung Function, and lowers Blood Sugar Levels. Raises Good Cholesterol, Lowers Bad Cholesterol, Increases Estrogen levels in women, and helps Relieve the Symtoms of Menopause. It is the active ingredient in Energy Drinks, Shampoos, and many Creams and Lotions for Anti-Aging.

My father lived to be 90 years old. When he died I inherited boxes of books. Almost all of them were about healthy living. None of them were about what kind of drugs to take. It is my intent to find products that my father would have approved of. Natural products that help our bodies heal themselves with what God has provided us with. Enjoy them to Your Good Health!!